• Etisalat Information Services

    Etisalat Information Services (eIS), previously known as Etisalat Directory Services, is the leading directory services provider in the United Arab Emirates since the publication of its first directory in 1976.

    Etisalat Information Services maintains UAE consumers’ directory listing database, which is used by Directory Enquiries (181). It also publishes annual telephone directories for residential and commercial usage through print,
    online and mobile.

    To be recognised as the number one reference for commercial and residential directories in the UAE and beyond.

    Our Mission
    To provide the most accurate, innovative and user-friendly directory search
    tools across all channels.


  • Services and Products

    Realising the importance of having business information always close at hand, eIS offers its directory services in various forms:

    Print Solutions
    Etisalat Print Directories are designed to be user-friendly, easy to search and to provide valuable information about all businesses numbers.
    Yellow Pages: Provides business listings by category along with classified advertisements and other features.
    Daleel: Is a set of comprehensive business guides offering sector-specific business information at the national and international level.

    Online Solutions
    Our user-friendly online directories offer comprehensive and easy to access listings.
    Yellowpages.ae enables users to quickly retrieve business information, including location maps.
    Whitepages.ae provides residential names alphabetically along with address and telephone number.
    Edaleel.ae is meant to provide its users sector-specific business information, along with advanced search options, to connect buyers with sellers and deliver information instantly.

    Mobile Solutions
    eIS mobile websites can be easily accessed from any mobile phone with 3G, GPRS, or Wi-Fi connection. Users can visit the mobile solutions by simply typing www.yp.ae, www.whitepages.ae, or www.edaleel.ae into the phone’s web browser to access local and vertical business information with advanced features.

    Mobile applications are also available on iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android platforms.

  • Certification & Membership

    Etisalat Information Services Certification and Membership:

    ISO 9001/2008 Quality System

    Associated Member


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